I Sent Money But My Order Is Still 'On-Hold'

First go into your baking app or on the online banking site and check the status of the transfer, if it says 'Sent' that means we haven't accepted your payment yet. 

It can take up to a day for us to accept your payment depending on when you sent it, once it is accepted you will be notified via email and the transfer status will say 'Accepted'. 

It's Been 2 Or More Days:

If we still haven't accepted your transfer after two or more days you can send a manual reminder from your online banking or app, if you can't send a reminder you can email our customer service team.

My Transfer Status Shows 'Accepted':

If your transfer was accepted but your order is still on-hold you need to send customer service a screenshot of the transfer details showing that it was accepted. 

*Customer service can be reached at [email protected].

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