Can I Edit My Order After Making It?

Unfortunately no. Our inventory is electronically linked to the confirmed order, making it impossible to modify your order.  if you want to edit or add to your order, you can cancel your current order and create a new order with the correct items. Please note, any order without payment will automatically cancel after 48 hours. Any points or coupons used on the cancelled orders, will be reinstated within 24 hours. 

You can cancel your old order from your account, just simply find the invoice # and click “cancel this order”. 

We are unable to make changes to or cancel orders that are Processing, since they have already being prepared to ship out. 

Once shipped, we are unable to make any adjustments to your items or your shipping address.

Cancelling an Order:

1) Go into account settings

2) Select 'Orders'

3) Select the order you want to cancel, and hit the button.

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