What Do The 'A's Mean?

Here at Canabismo we take quality seriously; this means every strain undergoes intensive testing to ensure that we only sell the best of the best. Our product expert Kevin examines every nug that comes through our doors for mold, bugs and foreign substances like perlite or left over ties. Once the strain passes this test it’s onto the physical review where we closely inspect the bud structure, trichome coverage and strain specific traits to determine if the batch is the real deal or not before sending it off to the smoke test. This is where the bud is tested by smoking a joint, by doing this we can accurately describe the flavor profile, type of high associated and how the flower burns based on the color of ash.

Our Grading System

You may have noticed those little A’s under a strain, these are our grading system! We base our grade on how potent and flavorful a strain is, so the more A’s the better. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean that a Grade: A strain is unsmokable compared to a AAAA that just means that the AAAA has a much better flavor and is caked in trichomes for the cannasseurs  out there. All of our flower has to meet our high standards to be sold and anything that doesn’t make the cut doesn’t get to see the light of day, that way there’s no risk of a bad purchase!

While we realize that tastes are subjective and not everyone will see our best as the best we can assure you that everything we carry is top of the line.

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